Trade on multiple DEXes simultaneously


MtopSwap is the world's first MultiDEX, offering a unique & innovative way for users to trade on multiple decentralized exchanges (DEX) simultaneously. Our platform standardizes the front-end of multiple DEXes into 1 simplified & intuitive user interface, which we refer to as a "Module". With our one-of-a-kind MultiDEX, users can seamlessly trade multiple tokens & DEXes of their choice on 10 EVM chains, on one screen, improving trading efficiency & saving time.


- Trading on multiple decentralized exchanges can be time-consuming and complicated

- Limited access to different EVM chains and tokens

- Lack of user-friendly and intuitive trading platforms


- Standardized and simplified DEX UI

- Trading on multiple DEXes simultaneously

- Reduces complexity of trading on multiple decentralized exchanges

- Active and helpful community on Discord

- Compatible with 10 EVM chains

- Constantly updating and improving the platform